Malcolm Butler: Official HTTA Take, ft. @JoeyPigskins

We’ve been reaching out to every corner of Patriot’s Nation for news on Malcolm But-ghazi, and the they must be well-stocked up on Flex Seal…there aren’t too many leaks on this one.

The very fact that the only lead we have isn’t from a Patriots writer, or a national guy, but is from @JoeyPigskins, tells you pretty much all you need to know about the availability of info



And if you’re asking, “Wait…is that Joey Pigskins the Fantasy Football Writer?”, yes, it is. Well sort of. Sorry fans, Joey seems to be on hiatus.

joeypigskins profile


But all things considered, if you aren’t going to trust a dude named Joey Pigskins on a football story, who are you gonna trust?


So, while we can’t give you any new sourced info, we’ve been trying to make sense of this whole thing. If it is somehow “disciplinary” in nature, then why is he dressed? Why wouldn’t you just send him home? Why wasn’t Rowe informed he was starting until right before kickoff? Also, why can he not play on defense, but it’s not serious enough where he isn’t allowed to play a Special teams snap?


Well, we have a High Top Athletics Developing Take

My working theory is there was some type of violation, perhaps @JoeyPigskins is on the money. Initially the benching was just going to be a series, quarter, or half…he was going to play. But at some point before the game he reacted poorly to the situation, and there was some type of altercation, physical or otherwise. Whatever it was, it was bad.

This answers ALL of the questions. It would also explain Bill’s responses to questions about it. Internal, locker room stuff, just isn’t something he’s ever going to talk about. He’s not going to admit it, so his answers about the situation all make sense.

So there you go. This is as good as any information you have on this situation.

Certainly better than what I’m hearing on the old Sports Radio…where either Butler was the Wickersham source, or Bill decided to dress him only to make him stand there and be embarrassed.

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