The LeBron-MJ Debate is Officially O-V-E-R

LeBron vs MJ – Who is the GOAT?

There was no debate to begin with but since “people” insisted on forcing this “debate” upon the Sports World anyways I think the least we can do is all come together to declare that we will never ever ever entertain this madness ever again.

In 1992, peak Jordan, the Bulls lost to the Knicks 112-75. Jordan injured his foot in the first quarter then returned to play most of the second half despite the game being a complete blowout. Here’s his quote on why he kept playing:

LeBron is a great player. He’s a Top 5 individual player for sure.

He scored 11 points last night.

The Cavs have been in disarray for a month. Kevin Love is out. The media is all over them. It’s a marquee Saturday night National TV game. He scores 11 points.

I’m not blaming the loss on LeBron. The Cavaliers defense is atrocious. The Rockets had wide open shots pretty much every possession. Third graders play better team D than the Cavs do right now. That’s not on LeBron.

3-10 shooting. 11 points. In a game that could have galvanized the team.

The debate, if ever there was one, is officially OVER.

Sorry not sorry LeBron. You are no MJ.

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