The Two Bills: Winners and Losers

Last night ESPN aired their latest 30 for 30, the long-awaited “The Two Bills”. This was basically, Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick, going through their entire relationship with each other, with a backdrop of some unbelievable NFL Films footage and interviews with past players.

It was football porn, yes, but it was like porn with a great storyline, compelling characters, and top notch dialogue.

two bills 2

I know some may have this DVR’d, so I won’t spoil anything (even though everything covered happened at least 12 years ago), but I will give you my Winners and Losers:


Giants Fans-  After such a trying season, it must’ve been great to see the glory days of the franchise relived. Belichick’s line about the rings “Those two are ours, and those two are the one’s we gave em” (meaning ’07 & ’11) must’ve had Giants fans near climax.

Parcells- He did throw in a claim to having built much of the ’01 Pats team, but other than that, in his older years, Parcells seems at peace, magnanimous, and not at all insecure and petty. Let’s just say, this didn’t always describe him.

two bills 1

Belichick- He didn’t exactly sparkle in the “current-time” interview, but at least came off as self-aware and, you know, as a human being. But the flashback stuff showed some personality, a different guy. Made you realize the current Belichick persona is calculated and constructed to be an efficient winning machine.

Harry Carson- I only really knew Harry Carson as a name before watching, but I was completely mesmerized by him. I have no idea why. But I’d give him an award for Least Likely to have been a 1980’s Linebacker. He was thoughtful, soft-spoken, and may have hypnotized me through my TV.



1980’s Coaching Attire- Ugh. Not a good look guys. The shorts. The colors. The shorts. The trash-bag style windbreakers. Did I mention the shorts?

two bills 3

Pats’ Fans- Yes, as a Pats fan I loved this. I am guessing most did. But, when you really break it down, you don’t get to see a whole lot of the Patriots winning, but you do relive the dark times that were 1996-2000 in painstaking detail. Oh, and I know he’s had success lately, but Pete Carroll was such a BOOB.

The Jets  The hands-down, LOSER of the night. Every single mention of the Jets was in a negative light. The only semi-positive thing was Curtis Martin talking about how they could have been great, but it all fell apart. It was capped off with the Bill’s telling the producer they refused to set foot in the Jets’ locker room….AWESOME.




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