Memo: Memos are Serious Business


There has been a lot of talk about memos this week…this memo, that memo, who can keep track of all the memos?! Amirite?

I don’t know shit about this memo story. But what I do know is, people really need to be careful with memos. They can be a powerful thing, and people can get in some serious trouble as a result of a memo.

What’s that they say, about ignoring history and we’re doomed to repeat it…well let’s take a look back at some major trouble that memos have caused:



JERRY MAGUIRE is the best example of someone being done in by the memo. He lost his job, his fiancée, and arguably his mind…all because of a memo. The thing is…it was JUST A MISSION STATEMENT.



SPYGATE is the biggest thing anti-Pats folks point to when calling them “cheaters”. Well, folks, it all started with a September 2006 memo. The memo was to point out that filming of coaches’ signals was not permitted in certain areas. The Patriots broke that rule, and that’s all she wrote….all because of a goddam MEMO




PETER GIBBONS from INITECH will tell you all about memos. He thought, much like the Patriots’, that he could just ignore a memo. I mean, it’s just a memo to put coversheets on your TPS reports…who really cares. Well, a couple of passive agressive bosses bitching at him, an existential crisis, and a felony later…he probably should have just READ THE MEMO.



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