When the East is in the House oh my Gawd – Celtics v Knicks Preview

The Celtics return home from the West Coast back to the best coast to take on the NY Knickerbockers. But the story for tonight is who isn’t playing:

Where or where will the points come from?

In the last five games Kyrie is averaging 31.4 points a game.

Terry Rozier basically has to start at Point Guard so let’s hope his ankle is back to 100%. He certainly didn’t look too bothered by it in Denver. 15-20 points tonight from Rozier is a must.

Who’s going to step up and have the big night? The J-Train needs to be extra aggressive and really take the ball to the rim whenever he can. The Knicks play fast and loose. They are ranked 13th in Offensive Rating (4 spots ahead of Boston) but 18th in Defensive Rating (Boston is #1) so the points are there for the taking.

Jayson Tatum seems to have regained his form in Denver after STRUGGLING for the past month or so. The Rook is going to need to put up some numbers tonight. It’s not unfair to say with Kyrie out, Tatum becomes offensive option #1.

When Kyrie was out for the Sixers game two weeks ago neither Brown nor Tatum took up the slack. In fact no one really did. Against the Sixers Horford and Morris led the scoring with 14 points apiece. And the Celtics lost by 9.

And tonight add in no Marcus Smart and possibly no Shane Larkin. The group who does end up on the floor have their work cut out for them.

The PorzinGod

After a unreal start to the season the PorzinGod has returned to mere mortal status.

Kristaps is still having quite the year and got the All-Star nod from the coaches as a reward but he certainly hasn’t been that world destroying creature of late. We shall see who shows up tonight. Last night against the Nets he dropped a cool 28 and shot 6-8 from three. He does that tonight and the Celtics are in trouble.

Will a hero emerge in Killer Kyrie’s absence? Who will rise up to slay the fearsome PorzinGod?

We find out tonight.

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