State of the (Hi-Topper) Nation

Ladies and gentleman, Le Capitaine

(Loud Ovation….3 mins)

Thank you…thank you…no seriously, thank you. That’s enough. Thanks!

Good evening, friends, hard cores, occasional readers, new comers, any and all Hi-Toppers out there, I am speaking to you tonight about the state of this great nation of ours…Hi-Topper Nation.

These inaugural months have been incredible for all of us. We’ve grown from an inside joke, to a much, much larger inside joke. We have a lot of highlights…and I want to take a moment right off the bat to tell you about our many, many, huuuge successes.


From West Medfid Halloween catching fire in the beginning, to the message boards of the U going nuts over our turnover chain coverage, we learned quickly what the people want to read.


But it’s not all nonsense. The Hi-Toppers are very knowledgeable fans, and are up for some hardcore sports coverage as well. Lil’ Dogg is, and is becoming, one of the premier NBA voices in the Boston market, and if there is a Celtics game on, @HiTopAthletics is a must-follow on twitter.

Bennygloves’ PPP analysis throughout the playoffs has been superior to anything else I can find out there. And, even your boy here was able to break some potential Jimmy G news…we’re not just entertaining…we are BREAKING REAL(ish) NEWS!

(Thunderous applause)

We’ve had some struggles…right off the bat we couldn’t even decide on a proper name, but I would say, we are by far the MOST transparent sports-themed blog out there…and we have had the LEAST amount of struggles of all blogs, ever.

Fighting against all odds, building this thing #shinglebyshingle is what we’re all about…and as my man Lil’ Dogg would say…#factsisfacts and the facts are that we have had tens of thousands of views across SIXTY Countries. 6-0.

(Loud applause)

How did we do it???

We did it without buying twitter followers.  (follow @HiTopAthletics)

We did it without calling any sports analysts’ virtue into question.

We did it without any Kardashian or Jenner asses- in any sense of the word.

(Standing ovation from all)

So here we stand, a 3 month old blog site, on the threshold of becoming something much more…a 4 month old blog site. And godwilling…you’ll take us there.

In looking to the future I’d like to take this time to announce my  Three Point Plan for Hi-Topper Nation that we will be executing over the next 6 months.

(Pause for Applause)

  • LAW & ORDER- I personally would like to blog a little bit about Law and Order. And Law & Order SVU…great shows.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE Our Site and Social Media are the roads and bridges and airports and bus stations that take our content to your little screens…and we commit to making it Great!
  • GROWTH– The Podcast Market out there is much bigger now than when we started. There are more people watching Videos on social media now than when we started. Granted, we haven’t produced any content in either of those areas, but I can’t help but think our presence had something to do with it.  We’re looking to produce in those areas in the coming months, so look out for that!

In conclusion, as always, we hope you enjoy some of the stuff we’re doing. It’s all in fun, and meant to make you laugh. If you think it sucks…that’s cool. Write something better and send it to us…we’ll post that too.

Good night, and Shamgod bless Hi-Topper Nation!!!

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