Guess That Ear

It’s Tuesday morning of Super Bowl week and that means only one thing Hi-Topper Nation – we’re talking about sweet sweet lobes. This morning’s tasty ear is feeling a bit frosty…

Feisty too as this guy is known to have a bit of a short fuse and getting sent from the warm sunshine of Los Angeles to the nitty gritty Big D Detroit has got to have him on edge. Your Tuesday Morning G.T.E. is….

In the first blockbuster trade of the NBA season Blake Griffin has been sent to the Detroit Piston in exchange for Avery Bradley and draft picks (some other dudes are involved too).

Reactions to the deal have been mixed. Detroit gets a “Star” but albeit one with a giant contract and injury issues. The Clips get cap space, expiring deals and future picks – are they planning a big free agent move this summer? We shall see.

The best reaction to the news of the trade came from Blake himself:

The ink isn’t even dry on his 5 year deal and now his on his way to the snowy Midwest. Life comes at you pretty fast.

No official comment from the Kardashian’s but I think it’s safe to assume they’ve never actually heard of Detroit so Blake can just tell Kendall it’s in Orange County and she’ll be none the wiser I’m sure.


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