What a week for this guy!

What a week for Brad Marchand. First, earlier this month he found out he had been selected to represent the Bruins at the NHL All-Star game of the second year in a row. So how does he celebrate? By obviously going out a few nights later and receiving a 5 game suspension for elbowing.

Last week against the NJ Devils, Mr Marchand does what he does best. He went to the net hard and was basically being a pest. However, while driving hard he felt the need to give the peoples elbow to Devils defenseman Marcus Johansson.

Apparently Marchand also forgot that modern day arenas have cameras on you at all times from every angle. Although he denied the action, clearly he did it. The NHL came down on him with a 5 game suspension and forfeit $373,475.60 in salary. This isn’t the first time he has been suspended. In fact this seems to be a yearly ritual for him having been suspended just this past April for spearing. You can also add a slew foot, low hit and clipping just to name a few.

Now for the good new. He still got to got the NHL All Star game as a player!!! Not only that but he ate up the chance to be the villain and blew kisses to the crowd during his introduction.. . Classic Brad

The NHL went to 3 on 3 tournament format a 3 years ago. Marchand’s team Atlantic Division made it to the finals yesterday only to lose to them Pacific. Now that the game is over he can sit back and watch his team play the next 4 games of his suspension. He probably stayed in Tampa this week just to live it up! Why not, he can’t go to work!!!



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