The Greatest American Reboot

What’s Up Hi-Toppers?

Ah, the great Hollywood reboot machine has begun to spin its unholy wheels yet again to deliver another re-hash of a classic (sort of?) 80’s property. It has been announced that ABC has slated to return to our living rooms sometime in the future. Sing it with me everybody “believe it or not, we’re out of ideas…”

Now, the concept for the show is admittedly going to be a bit different. This time around we will be following an American-Indian woman in her 30’s named Meera. Now, if you really stop and think about it, this change oddly makes the character a more legitimate “American” hero than William Katt’s Ralph Hinkley. Outside of that, It looks like it will pretty much be the exact same thing. I do hope they keep the suit and logo.

Look, I am as nostalgic as the next guy, but this is just getting ridiculous at this point. If things aren’t being rebooted in new ways, they are just putting shows back on the air, like Roseanne (which could be fun) and Will & Grace (which isn’t half bad despite being insanely unnecessary). How about some originality? Is that really too much to ask? Also, how about instead of just gender/race swapping old white guy shows, why don’t we come up with new and original heroes? Wouldn’t that be more meaningful? Hey, wait a minute.. isn’t there a word for that? You know, taking something from somewhere and changing it to fit a different aesthetic or ideal. Yeah, it’s kind of a big word… starts with an A, I believe. Eh, It’ll come to me at some point I guess.

The reboot of TGAH is being handled by the executive producers/writers/showrunners of Fresh Off the Boat, so at least it will be a quality show with some real effort thrown in. I really dig Fresh Off the Boat. To me that show, along with The Goldberg’s, is how to do the nostalgia thing right. Let’s get more of those shows and less needless reboots.

Also on the reboot agenda is a reboot from CBS of Murphy Brown. Word on the street is that the show will follow a lazy, unethical white male blogger in his mid-20’s who literally gives no f@#%$ and can’t even with the world anymore. Aside from that, the CW has ordered a reboot of Charmed featuring four ultra-masculine warlocks with a penchant for cursing now and asking questions later. Ok, ok… I admit I made those plot synopsis’ up, but they really are planning on rebooting Murphy Brown (which is actually a revival of the original with the old cast a la Roseanne) and Charmed.


Well, that’s all for now Hi-Toppers. Until next time, this is the Sophomore signing off.



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