Hi-Topper Top 5 – Super Bowl Halftime Performances



Let’s start the week with a gimmie, a layup, a chip shot if you will. Some brief background info on the Halftime performance since I found this interesting. Having a popular music act as the performers is a very recent phenomenon. Prior to the 1990s most of the Halftime acts were college marching bands. So you won’t see ABBA or KC & the Sunshine Band on this list unfortunately (you will find them on Le Cap’s favorite Disco bands list tho).

Top 5 Super Bowl Halftime Performances

5. Michael Jackson 1993

Let’s put aside all the MJ baggage just briefly here and I think we can all admit he basically invented the Halftime performance as we know it on January 31, 1993 when he popped up on top of the scoreboard in Pasadena.

4. Gloria Estefan 1999

Gloria Estefan gets the lifetime achievement award here. She’s the Lou Gehrig of SB Halftime performers having appeared in 1992, 1995 and 1999. Why you ask did Gloria Estefan perform 3 times in 7 years. Good question I answer. Good question indeed.

3. Bruce Springsteen 2009

The knee slide. An all-time iconic SB Halftime moment. Bruce doesn’t half-ass anything so you know he’s going to play the hits (well 3 out of 4). He probably would have played for 4 hours if they’d let him (you know he does that sometimes. Not to go off on a tangent but I’ve never understand why this was supposed to be a good thing. Other than sleep there is literally nothing I want to do for 4 consecutive hours).

2. Tom Petty 2008

RIP Tom. Now this man knew when to play the hits. American Girl, Won’t Back Down, Free Fallin’, Runnin’ Down a Dream. Now that is a goddamn set list.

1. Prince 2007

No disrespect to Jeremy Roenick and his Kid Rock hottake but Prince mighty actually really be the greatest musician to ever walk the Earth. He’s certainly in the conversation. Prince out-Queens Queen and does more justice to a Foo Fighters song that in no way deserves to be in a Prince set then closes with Purple Rain IN THE GODDAMN RAIN.

That’s it. That’s the list. Facts is facts and the fact is there’s Prince and then there’s everybody else.


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