Weekend Winner

Not too much going on in the sports world on the pre-“Super Bowl Weekend” weekend. Rumors are circulating that a couple of All-Star games were played but those reports remain unconfirmed as no actual spectators of these supposed events can be found.

But the Grammys did happen and that’s always a fun time. You can spend the entire evening alternating between “Who is this?” and “That guy is still alive?” It’s interactive education. And that’s where we find our Weekend Winners…

No not Bruno Mars. These guys:

Let’s call them ZZ Top and The Mask.

They were on stage. They had sweet seats. Just straight livin’ the life all night long.

If there’s one thing better than actually being a Star it’s being “Star adjacent”. All the perks of the Star yet none of the hassle. Bruno Mars has to be Bruno Mars 24/7. That’s a lot of work. No thanks. ZZ Top and The Mask get to party their faces off at the Grammys and then the next morning they can roll into Starbucks unnoticed and get their morning cup of joe. You get a taste of the fast life during the good times and leave all the rest to the Star. That’s how you become a Hi-Top Weekend Winner.

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