Brady on Hi-Top???

As I am sure many know, Tom Brady cut his weekly radio interview short this morning with K&C on WEEI, because last week a host on the station was talking smack about Brady’s 5 year old daughter. I don’t want to get into a whole thing here…but she’s 5 years old. Dude. Also, he was ripping on her while talking about “Tom vs Time”. She was in it for like 10 seconds, and was nothing but adorable. C’mon man.

Now, over the years, I’ve frequently heard the Brady interview on the show, and I’m sure they’ll work it out and keep the QB on their airwaves. But just in case they don’t, he may be a free agent, looking for a new spot to chat about football and life.


I’m not saying that we are getting into the running to be this spot…but I’m not not saying it…if you know what I mean.

I will just say, though, we here at HTTA LOVE kids. Can’t get enough of them. A lot of us have kids. Even the ones that don’t…big fans of kids. They are precious little creatures.

As a matter of fact, a soon to be conducted poll is going to find that HTTA is the “Most kid-friendly furniture-related sports themed blog site based in the Northeastern US”


We also have some audio equipment. Microphones, a mixer thingy, a lot of wires…we can definitely record the heck out of an interview.

Also, quite serendipitously, we were preparing to announce our newest feature: “Legendary Athletes and their Cute Kids”. The plan here is, pretty simply, we’re going to spotlight some of Boston’s most legendary athletes and talk to them about their adorable little kids.


One last thing, as “aging” guys, we here at HTTA are always looking for a better way, or method, you could say, to take care of ourselves. The internet is full of tips and tidbits, but it’s overwhelming. Naturally, I’d be curious about how athletes handle themselves as they age. Do they have a system they use? Do they have any recommendations?

brady workout

I don’t know for sure, but I’d imagine Tom Brady, a 40 year old football player, must have some great advice on the topic. And I’m telling you, we’d love to hear it. We’d literally let him talk about it for as long as he wanted on all of our forums…and it’d be our pleasure to help him spread the word.


My biggest concern, though, is that this would be a lot of work. I don’t know if we’d be able to handle writing all of those questions. So maybe, if Tom had any staff, or PR people, who wanted to write the questions for us…that seems like a good arrangement. They would obviously know him better than we do, so it’d certainly be a more open and authentic interview.


More to come on this, guys, as we monitor the situation as it unfolds.


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