Recapping Celtics v Warriors or rather Kyrie v Steph

Hot damn. That was a helluva (one on one) game.

ESPN says advantage Steph, which okay I guess, but take nothing away from what Kyrie did out there.

Just absolutely ruthless efficiency from Kyrie – 13 of 18 overall, 5 of 6 from three (compared to Steph’s 8-13).

The dude is a geometry genius. The angles and spins are unreal:

In the end Steph and the Warriors were just a little too much:

The fact that this was even a game after the Celtics let Golden State outscore them 30-19 in the Third Quarter (and 53-36 over the course of the combined 2nd and 3rd) shows yet again how the Celtics JUST NEVER QUIT.

But the fact remains they have this not so great tendency to let teams (all teams – good and bad) go on huge runs at certain points in the game. They dig themselves a huge hole then attempt to climb out of it. They’ve been successful at this more often than not but it’s no way to live and you most certainly won’t survive against the likes of the Warriors when you spot them 17 over two quarters.

Now granted the NBA (as everyone says) is a game of runs – but you have to limit those runs as much as possible. This has to be the focus for the second half of the season – along with their never ending Achilles heel – bench scoring. Morris had a nice night and he’s key but if the Celtics really have Finals in their eyes for this season then a move for more scoring help has to be considered.

Was this a Finals Preview? If the Cavs continue their nuclear meltdown the path won’t ever be clearer than it is this season (paging Gordon Hayward- how is that foot feeling?!?!??!) but it is still January lest we forget. Spring and Summer are still a long way off so let’s enjoy the good Winter nights when we get them. And even with a loss last night was one of the good ones.

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