Weekend Retro Rewind 1/26/2018

Heya Hi-Toppers!

Welcome to the first edition of the Weekend Retro Rewind! Each week I will be giving out my recommendations for  classic (and let’s be honest mostly not so classic)  movies, television shows, and albums that you should check out over your weekend! Today’s recommendations are 80’s-tastic! Even though only one of the recommendations is actually from the 80’s, the other two are dripping with so much nostalgia that they can be considered from the decade by association. Also, I figure there is so much 80’s nostalgia flowing through the Hi-Topper nation that the decade would be a good place to start. So let’s take it back and get this party started!

Movie: Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure


With the recent and most excellent reveal of the title and plot synopsis for Bill & Ted 3 (Bill & Ted Face the Music), what better time to go back and watch most triumphant original? I can think of far more heinous, bogus, non-triumphant ways to spend my weekend than jumping back into the phone booth traveling through time with Rufus and the WYLD STALLIONS! Now, strange things are afoot at the Circle K so go grab your air guitars and party on with Bill S. Preston Esquire and Ted “Theodore Logan”!  It is available to rent on Amazon and ITunes and really anywhere you can rent movies these days.

Television Show: Freaks and GeeksFreaks-and-Geeks-freaks-and-geeks-708313_1024_768

Few shows hit that nostalgia itch quite like Freaks and Geeks. Now, though I was born in the late 80’s and was therefore more of a 90’s kid, I do get the feeling that this show is a spot on depiction of the decade through the eyes of the burnout’s and the nerds of the world (you know… the Freaks and Geeks…. sorry). I feel like a special edition of the shameless 80’s Nostalgia Tournament could be between this and the Goldberg’s for which is the more accurate depiction. Without this show we wouldn’t have many of the comedic minds we have today… and also Franco for better or worse. This was a show that was ahead of it’s time because, though it only lasted one season, it came out just a few years before the 80’s took over the 00’s. It’s like a dramedy version of VH1’s I Love the 80’s. Freaks and Geeks one and only season is currently streaming on Netflix.

Album: The Strokes – Is This IT?


The defining album of the early 2000’s which sounds like it came from 1983. The Strokes were one of the most promising bands of the early 00’s garage revival scene, and this album was so good that they never really lived up to the hype afterward. I personally dig the majority of their output post their debut, but they certainly did not become the God’s they were hailed to be. No matter what happened after, this is a damn near perfect album; though I recommend finding the original version of the album which has “New York City Cops” at track 8 as opposed to the not-as-good “When it Started”. It’s just a far superior song and makes the album feel much more complete. This album is available wherever albums are able to be streamed… so everywhere really.

Well that’s it folks, the first edition has come to an end. Next week I will be back with more suggestions for your weekend media consumption. So until then this is the Sophomore signing off.




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