This Week in Weirdly Specific Athlete First Names

There’s been some athletes popping up in the news this week with some pretty prophetic first names.

First up is the tennis player named Tennys.

It’s been a very back and forth (pun intended) couple of weeks for Tennys Sandgren. The good was he had a career defining run at the Aussie Open by making the Quarter Finals. The bad was old tweets being unearthed covering pretty much the entire spectrum of bigotry – racism ✔️ homophobia ✔️ PizzaGate ✔️ white nationalism ✔️

Next up we have a basketball player named Jock.

St. Mary’s, everyone’s favorite late night West Coast basketball team, is doing what they do, hanging around the fringes of the Top 25 just waiting to win a couple of Tourney games as a #10 seed. And this year they are led by Jock Landale, a 6-11 Center from where else but the continent of the moment, Australia. Well truth be told St. Mary’s always has about 7 Aussies on their roster every year so that’s not really a shocker. But ol’ Jock is having himself a year, including leading the Gaels to a big win over West Coast rival Gonzaga.

So the question becomes thus- are these instances of inadvertent prophecy, parental pressure gone mad or just a happy coincidence?

In the case of Jock I gotta assume his parents are also mighty tall blokes. A 6-11 kid usually ain’t a surprise. Also, I’m gonna go ahead and show my ignorance of Aussie culture here but I wouldn’t be surprised if Jock is the Aussie version of Jack.

Tennys on the other hand, well first off efff this guy. Secondly, he’s from Tennessee so either the name is a reference to the state or the sport and well either answer is pretty lame so the faster this dude goes back to minor league tennis obscurity the better.

And that was the Week in Names. Tune in next week when we go in depth on athletes birth months.

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