‘This is Us’ vs Crock Pots: Whose side are you on?

You Crock Pot truthers out there have got me boiling…er, slowly simmering. How dare you disparage such a great product!

I understand you are upset because some show whose sole intent since its inception is to make you cry, *SPOILER ALERT* made you cry, again. But that is no reason to take it out on such a wonderful device.

Now, my first problem with the hate is, Crock Pot, like Xerox, is a BRAND name of slow cooker…not a type of cooking device. For my money, it the BEST cooking device. So, just for you Hi-Toppers, I lifted my “no ‘This is Us’ ” rule to do some investigating.

The device used in the scene is NOT identifiable as a Crock Pot. It literally just says “Slow Cooker”. I’ve looked at all the angles, and this is the best view:

crock pot


Yet, the social media folks are coming out using “Crock Pot” as the target of their rage





The folks at Crock Pot had almost no choice but to get in on the action, as the lunatic fans of this show seem to be serious. They started their own twitter account and began responding to insane people:




Now, I know there will be some psychos out there, who after watching this far-fetched NBC Drama (redundant, I know), will refuse to leave a slow cooker unattended, or worse, ditch the device altogether, after watching this. If you count yourself among these, well, you’ll be missing out on some of the great at-home cuisine of our time.

I can’t ever recall a time when something made in a slow cooker wasn’t good. I’m going to venture a guess that roughly 0% of meals cooked in slow cookers have disappointed those who partook. Slow cooker meals are a slam dunk. And the beauty is…you put the shit in the pot, you turn it on, and you go about your day.

So, this PSA goes to all the people out there who think things that happen on Network television dramas are real:

  • CSI Techs are not in charge of entire criminal investigations and don’t normally end up in gun battles with suspects
  • Priests/ Doctors/ Mathematicians/ Teachers/ Old Lady Writers –  do not typically solve murder mysteries
  • Your Crock Pot (or any other slow cooker device) is extremely unlikely to burn your house down under any circumstances. Keep cooking away!

and one bonus, for the Sitcom fans:

  • Selfish, moronic, fat slobs generally do not end up with borderline supermodel wives who are happy to put up with their “antics” on a weekly basis.

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