ESPN gets it all wrong again

Today is Vince Carter’s birthday so in his honor SportsCenter tweeted out a video of the supposed “Best Dunks in Dunk Contest History” (why they didn’t just do a compilation of Vince Carter dunks is a good question but I’m playing the hand that I was dealt so…):

This is a nice video. There’s some good dunks but it’s also missing pretty much all the actual best dunks in Dunk Contest history.

Have no fear. Hi-Top is here.

Shawn Kemp

Shawn Kemp is for my money the greatest in game dunker in NBA history but he never could quite put together a full contest worth of dunks to win. This free throw line line dunk remains his Pis de Resistance.

Rex Chapman

The Rex Chapman flip over the back dunk is a personal favorite yes and I will defend Chapman to my death but it’s also a sneaky super hard dunk to complete, especially on the first try. An underrated, never fully appreciated gem right there.

J.R. Rider

The East Bay Funk Dunk single handedly brought the Dunk Contest to a new level. There is no Vince Carter without J.R. Rider. He’s the evolutionary link between NBA dunk generations.

Gerald Green

The Lil’ Dogg’s love for Gerald Green knows no bounds and is widely known but the lack of historical reverence for the Birthday Cake Dunk is just plain criminal. Most original prop dunk of all-time. You can have your mascots, your cars, your teammates, just give me some cake.

Larry Johnson

Young Gramma’ma was a sight to behold. Power on top of power and the second dunk in the above video is just an absolute vulgar display of raw power.

So ESPN next time if you want a real showcase of the Dunk Contests greatest jams give the Lil’ Dogg a ring and I’ll gladly oblige.


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