The XFL is back?!?!?!?!

We are still in DEFCON 1 on this story but have no fear that Hi-Top HQ will be diving into this developing story like a Macho Man Flying Elbow from the top rope.

Rogue professional sports leagues are at the very top of the Lil’ Dogg’s Favorite Things List so I welcome this news with open arms and Hi-Top promises to cover every tidbit with the gravitas the XFL surely deserves.


Details have been announced:

– 8 Teams, 10 Game Winter/Spring season

– Focus on simplified 2 hour Games

– “Family Friendly”

And then these kickers:

– Single entity league structure

– Strict Player policy rules and codes

– No players with criminal records of any kind i.e. no black players with criminal records cuz if you don’t think Johnny Manziel would be welcomed with wide open arms well then I have a very racist bridge to sell you.

So basically Vince McMahon is trying to capitalize on the “racist white people who are complaining about the NFL” market.

Thanks but no thanks Vince.

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