Shameless 1980s Nostalgia Tournament- Matchup #10 – Alex P. Keaton v Mike Seaver

Welcome back to the Shameless 1980’s Nostalgia Tournament. The premise is simple. We pit two awesome things from the 80’s against each other and our expert panel of Nostalgia Profiteers decide which awesome thing is more awesome.

Isn’t that special!!!!!!!!!!!

First Round Matchup #10 –

Alex P. Keaton


Mike Seaver

We have two sides of the 80s sitcom heartthrob coin in this matchup folks. Now remember we are talking about the characters not the actors here. And this isn’t Family Ties vs Growing Pains – it’s strictly Alex vs Mike.

Alex was the Yuppie Reagan Republican ideal. While Mike was the Class Clown King. Alex was all about grades and school and achieving financial success while Mike cared only about girls and a good time (and maybe saving his gym teachers job or acting in the school play).

You could argue that this matchup comes down to personal preference but I do think there’s some hardline factors to consider. First up, Mike Seaver was not nearly as cool as he thought he was. Sure maybe he was cool compared to his buddy Boner but that’s a pretty low bar to hurdle. Alex had his foibles too and you may or may not have agreed with his politics but you have to agree he was the better brother. Did Mike ever hang out with Ben? Advantage Alex there. Mike Seaver gets the edge with the ladies, no contest there. Comedy – that’s a wash in my opinion. I can see arguments for both sides.

In the end it has to come down to longevity. Mike Seaver is remembered as a quant sitcom teen, a blip on the radar, nothing more. But Alex P. Keaton is still to this day held up as touchstone of the 1980s. There’s certain people, certain moments, certain items that define a period in time and for the Republican Reagan 80s that will always be Alex P. Keaton.

Winner – Alex P. Keaton


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