5 Reasons why the whole NBA All-Star “Draft” is LAME

The NBA released the full list of All-Stars last night:

This after the Starters were released last week:

Now the Lil’ Dogg ain’t here to squabble about who did and did not make the cut. The NBA has always had the problem of fitting too many stars into too few roster spots. It’s just the nature of basketball. Of course there are deserving guys who got left out but there are every year so no sense arguing about it.

But there is of course a twist to this year’s game. No more East vs West. Instead the two “Captains” ie the two highest vote getters – Steph Curry and LeBron James – will pick teams “playground” style.

Sounds great, right. Well here’s a few reasons why it’s actually quite lame.

1. The NHL did it first.

The NFL too. The Playground Draft…more like Played Out Draft. Ok that was terrible but the point stands. Being the third league to do something is not cool.

2. The Draft is not even being televised.

The best parts of an All-Star game are pretty much everything but the actual game. The build up, the pomp and circumstances, the events surrounding the game, that’s the interesting stuff. NBA players drafting their own team is great but if you’re having a draft and no one gets to see the draft then you mine as well not even have a draft.

The reasoning has been that the NBA doesn’t want to embarrass the guys who get picked last. Ummm reality check – these guys are all NBA players making multi-millions who are All-Stars. Nobody is going to be embarrassed about being the 12th pick cuz that just means your better at basketball than 99.9% of the world instead of 99.99%.

The kicker to the draft not being televised is they are not going to release the draft order at all. So there will be no indication of where guys went. Again why even have a draft??????

3. Why pick 12 Players from each conference if you are then going to have a draft?

If you’re going to go ahead and mix up the players regardless of conference then why was the selection process delineated by conference. Why not just pick the Top 24 guys overall?

4. The All-Star rules suck.

Let’s start with the selection process. The NBA is a position-less league at this point. Guys play all over the floor. There may be “frontcourt” and “backcourt” but even that’s debatable. Yet the All-Stars are still broken down by position. The Starters had to be 2 guards only. You can not argue that of the Top 5 Players in the West 3 couldn’t have been guards. A 3 Guard lineup is not exactly revolutionary so why not allow 3 guards to start the All-Star game if they’re the most deserving.

On to the draft itself . The Starters all have to be picked before moving on to the reserves. The picks will be alternating. Now I haven’t seen anything saying Curry and James need to draft x number at each position but with the draft not be televised I think it’s a safe bet to assume the teams will come out with a pretty even positional breakdown.

5. The Uniforms

These are unconfirmed at the moment but here’s a look:

I HATE black & white uniforms in general but for an All-Star game????? Really? Really?????? No color at all?????

The Lil’ Dogg is a uni guy and this one is just a real kick in the behind. All-Star informs should be loud and colorful and guady and maybe ugly as hell but at the very least they should be something. This is just a whole lot of nothing.

Which pretty much sums up an event with a behind closed door draft, nonsensical rules and a whole M.O. based solely around protecting everyone’s feelings and being as non-controversial as possible. In other words….



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