The Latest Ball News is Just Plain Nuts

Strange things are afoot in Lithuania. And I for one am shocked, SHOCKED, I say, about what is taking place in the Big Baller World.

It seems the highlights coming out of Lithuania featuring Middle Ball and Youngest Ball were taking place during exhibition games they are calling the Big Baller Challenge. These games are against players closer in age to the Balls and NOT against real professionals.

ESPN has the full story:

But here are some of the most noteworthy bits:

In real Lithuanian League games the Balls are performing less like Big Ballers and more like shriveled Balls.

Life in the Big Baller World comes at you fast. One minute you think you’re watching a couple of Future Lithuanian League HoF’ers and the next you find out they’re just a couple of kids playing pickup games half a world away in some sort of expertly conceived attention grabbing rouse to promote a clothing line.



One comment

  1. While LaVar may not be the best person to be in front the cameras he is changing the game. Universities get rich off these kids and they don’t care if the get an education. Coaches make millions while the kids get kicked out of school if they sell their signature. If they do make it to the pros I think it will change the way others do things. As long as poverty exist these big name schools will have a platform in sports.


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