You Make the Call – Is the kid who emailed every Claudia at Missouri St. a Genius or an Idiot?

So this Claudia story is the newest viral “news” story sweeping the Internet.

The Fast Facts:

A kid on Tinder swipes left instead of right on a girl he likes. He then attempts to find her by emailing every Claudia at Missouri St. University. Here’s the email he sent:

So the question I pose to Hi-Topper Nation is this – Is Hayden a genius or an idiot?


The case for Hayden being a genius is based solely on the fact that this story has now gone viral. The Claudia in question is a willing participant (this the very reason I’m even blogging this. If the girl wasn’t ok with this then it’d be a big big deal problem in a lot of ways but she is willingly involved (which also increases the likelihood this whole thing was a planned stunt but I digress) so clearly there will be a “date” even if it is a pity date (this will totally happen and in fact I’m 100% sure this “story” is already being co-opted into a marketing campaign by some company who will sponsor this date and its about 50/50 odds on this whole thing being a total fake in the first place).


Poor Hayden’s big date plan is to “totally get some donuts or something”. Bro if your go-to move is asking a girl out for donuts you really need to re-evaluate your whole dating strategy. Obviously the fact you are emailing an entire University to find a girl from Tinder suggest you are pretty darn thirsty so if any of Hayden’s bros are reading this, an intervention with your boy is desperately needed. Take him to a bar on a Friday night and show him there are plenty of fish in the sea. No need to be casting a net over the entire internet to find a girl you read three sentences about.

So what’s the call – Genius or Idiot


In fact we are all idiots for even indulging in this “story” but hey there’s two weeks until the Super Bowl, the Celtics have lost three straight, what else is there to do?

-P.S. There’s actually no question this whole thing will not turn out to be anything other than a prank or stunt or whatever. Everyone involved is way to eager to have this thing go as viral as possible.

So Bonus Game – Which terrible company is behind this?

Tinder is the obvious choice but I’m going to go with something out of left field. The donut thing just doesn’t sit right with me. Who suggests donuts? If your trying to be funny you say something really random like avocados (I hear they’re in with the millennials) or something. So my guess is an under the radar donut brand. Maybe Krispy Kreme is making a comeback. Man those things were super hot in the streets back in the day.

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