Weekend Winner

What a weekend Hi-Topper Nation! It feels good to be Kings.

Now you may think that the Weekend Winner is quite obvious but the Lil’ Dogg loves a curveball so your Weekend Winner is…Patriot Haters

Now hear me out. Patriot Haters love nothing more in life than bitching and complaining about the New England Patriots. If the Patriots had lost to the Jaguars these people would have had 15 minutes, maybe an hour of pleasure. But then what? Just a deep empty void where their soul should be.

But now they get two whole weeks to continue bitching and complaining about the Patriots. They can rant and rave and write article after article on the “cheating” and the coaches and the referee favoritism and whatever other conspiracy theories they desperately cling to in hopes that the reason for the Patriots continued never ending winning streak is anything other than complete and utter domination.

So enjoy this time Patriots Haters. This is truly your moment to shine. Throw all the hate your tiny hearts can muster and then sit back and watch the Patriots crush the soul of Philadelphia in two weeks.

And then guess what? You get an entire off season to keep complaining about the Patriots.

It’s a win-win really.


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