R.B.I. Baseball

R.B.I. Baseball on the NES is a stone cold classic, easily a top 10 Nintendo sports game (don’t worry Hi-Toppers that list WILL happen at some point) so it hits that nostalgia sweet spot when I read that the franchise has been revived by Major League Baseball itself.

The O.G. –

Now the real big news for this pup is that R.B.I. 18 will have 100 baseball legends available to play:

The Lil’ Dogg isn’t a huge fan of modern video games – way too many bells and whistles, you need a doctorate to learn the control systems and every time you want to play you have to sit through a 30 minute “system update”. I ain’t got that kind of time to waste. I need to plug in and play then be out.

But one development with these newer games that I’m an absolute sucker for is “Legends”. And the R.B.I. list is pretty great:

If you’re even casually acquainted with Hi-Top then you know names like Eric Davis, George Brett and Ozzie Smith give us all types of sports boners. Throw in the likes of Bob Feller and Ted Williams and yes I think I might have to check this game out.

Hopefully it doesn’t take 3 hours to play one game (shout out to Bases Loaded – that game took foreverrrrrr)

One comment

  1. That list is fantastically random…like they put the 500 best baseball players in a hat and just took the first 100 names they drew.

    A game with Lou Bourdreau AND Greg Vaughn???


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