Guess That Thumb

Welcome to a Very Special AFC Championship Sunday version of Guess That Thumb.

Today we have the only appendage that should be on Patriot Nation’s mind:

He’s the most important man on the field when he has the ball in his hands and if you don’t think the very outcome of the game could come down to his play then you just don’t know football. Your AFC Championship Sunday G.T.T. is…

Joe Cardona

Cardona is the Pats long snapper and if you don’t think his play is important just ask Head Coach Bill Belichick who has called the long snapper “the most important position on the field” and “the only reason I coach football is for the long snapping”. Belichick dreams about long snapping. He has a 500 slide Power Point on his Thinkpad about proper long snapping technique. Every Wednesday during the season is Long Snapping Day and every Tuesday and Thursday during the off-season he attends Long Snapping Workshops.

So if you’re concerned about thumbs today then you best be thinking of Joe Cardona and his precious digits.

P.S –

We have wall to wall football coverage here at Hi-Top today.

If you haven’t read Benny Gloves newest PPP then you’re just not interested in knowing what’s up I guess. Good luck stumbling around life without all of the inside Benny G. knowledge being dropped each weekend.

Our fearless leader Le Cap went and got his Phd. (Players Hurting Degree) on injuries so if you have any concerns about a certain someone then go ahead and get schooled by Le Cap and put your fears to bed.

More to come. Keep your TV on the game, your phone on Twitter’s @HiTopAthletics and your laptop on


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