It’s Comeback SZN

The Comeback SZN is here:

Obviously dropping a clothing line after being out of the game for what 3 years now is…well…something…but if you watched that highlight video then you remember just how electric Johnny Football was at A&M. For my money he was the most exciting, most anything can happen with the ball in his hands guy since Barry Sanders at Ok St. Johnny may not have been the best but he was certainly the most fun to watch. His Freshman year Cotton Bowl game is the single greatest individual performance I’ve ever seen on a football field and he was probably half drunk from being on a month long Heisman bender:

All this is to say that the Lil’ Dogg is #TeamMoneyManziel 4 Life and I really hope that he has gotten his act together and is making a serious effort at playing again. And if it’s with the Saskatchewan Rough Riders of the CFL I’ll be logged in to ESPN8 for that first game with the Money Sign ready to go:

P.S. – While we’re talking about Merch, you may have peeped the New Hi-Top Logo:

Be on the lookout for some 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Merch of our own coming soon to the Hi-Top store:


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