The NCAA makes the Mob look like a Civic Organization

The NCAA continues its winning ways, protecting the most vulnerable of its Student-Athletes at all cost:

Correct me if I’m wrong here but as I understand it, College hockey players can:

1) Play for semi-pro teams until age 20something before even starting their college careers

2) Get drafted without having to “declare” for the draft and then if they don’t like who picked them they can stay in school get drafted again or become a free agent if they are over 20.

3) Now with this new ruling they can have an agent and still maintain eligibility

Granted #2 on this list probably has more to do with the NHL than the NCAA but the fact remains that the entire system is slanted towards giving the players as many options as possible.

Don’t get me wrong here this is a great thing…for college hockey players.

But why is this not the case for football players or basketball players. Or even baseball players who get drafted under yet another set of byzantine rules and regulations.

Why is each sport treated so differently?


(Editor’s Note: This emoji is really getting a workout today)

I understand that there are separate professional leagues involved who each want a different set of draft rules. But the issue of agents specifically crosses all sports yet there are different rules set by the NCAA on who can and cannot have an agent and still maintain college eligibility.

High School baseball players can have an agent yet choose to go to college after getting drafted. If your already in college then you can’t have one. That makes absolutely no sense.

Now hockey players apparently can too.

But oh no no not you football players or basketball players. If you have an agent that’s it, your options in college are over.

Is this straight up racism?

Mostly yes in my opinion and if you try to argue otherwise well….you know what they say about the person who denies farting….but even beyond that it’s just yet another showcase of the contradictory, make it up as you go, shit show that is the NCAA.


  1. Why should a High School football or basketball player be allowed to have an agent??? They are Ineligible to be drafted. In baseball, and I’m sure in hockey, if they don’t sign, they then terminate the agent relationship.

    There is a herring here…and I think he’s red


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