The Fultz Conundrum Pt. 2

The Philadelphia 76ers beat the Boston Celtics last night in what has to be considered the Celtics most listless performance of the year. (And yet they still only lost by 9 but not the point here but…)

The real story was getting a first hand look at the mystery known as Markelle Fultz.

Fultz was in Boston last night because he travels with the Sixers just like all their other players. He was in London last week with the Sixers too.

Practice videos have been making the Internet rounds so we know Fultz participates in Sixers training sessions.

In fact he even participates in pre-game shoot arounds as he did last night in Boston:

So basically Fultz does everything that an active member of an NBA team does except when the game starts he sits in street clothes watching instead of putting on a uniform and playing.

Meanwhile Jayson Tatum is out on the court doing this:

Sixers Coach Brett Brown opened up in an interview to a competing Boston media outlet – apparently Hi-Top’s Press Credentials were lost in the mail – and had some interesting words on Fultz:

Maybe the Lil’ Dogg is growing soft in his old age but I actually feel bad for the dude. It’d be one thing if Tatum was just out playing Fultz on the court and Boston fans could gloat about Danny pulling a fast one on the Sixers. But the fact that the guy can’t even get on to the court right now is just sad.

So here’s some Hi-Topper T’s&P’s that Fultz fixes whatever is wrong and gets back out there…so that Tatum can then dunk on his head and we can tweet about it without feeling any guilt at all.

That’s all we want really. Some guilt free gloating right in Philly’s face. C’mon Fultz you can make that happen. Hi-Top is pulling for you.

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