All These Boston Fans Hating on Jaylen Brown Must Hate Tom Brady too, right? Right???

Jaylen Brown’s cousin plays for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jaylen Brown is rooting for the Jaguars against the Patriots.

To any rational thinking person this makes perfect sense and is in no way at all anything that should even be given a second thought. Jaylen Brown is not from New England. He has a relative on an NFL team. He supports his relative. He’s also free to hold any opinion he wants and still be fully committed to the Boston Celtics.

Unfortunately a particular breed of Boston Sports Fan are neither rational nor thinking so they reacted in exactly the way that makes Boston look terrible:

The Lil’ Dogg is curious by nature. If you are hating on Jaylen for not rooting for the Pats then surely you feel the same way if perhaps a New England Patriot player rooted for, oh lets just say…the New York Yankees:

Reason would dictate that all these same people would roast Tommy Terrific for his Yankees love, right? Right???????? Hello?????? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller??????


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