Practice? We talkin’ about practice????

First there was the hand injury heard round the world.

Then the expert medical minds of the Internet weighed in:

Now it’s all about practice or rather the lack thereof:

It’s the middle of January. These guys have been playing football since August. If the Patriots were really as smart as everyone thinks they are they would have had Tom Brady secured in bubble wrap since Week 14. The fact that these guys are in helmets and shoulder pads at all (and it seems Brady smacked his hand on a helmet and that was the cause of the injury) is questionable at best.

Watch film. Keep your conditioning up in the gym and run through plays in shorts on the indoor field. There’s absolutely no need for these guys to be coming into physical contact with anything remotely liable to cause injury at this point in the season.

But hey what do I know right? Coach Genius is the one with all the rings but if he listened to the Lil’ Dogg one time he wouldn’t have his QB1 with a throwing hand thumb the size of a grapefruit three days before the AFC Championship.



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