Teeth-Gate: A Dental Investigation of the 2016 Draft

Tough to believe this now, but there was a lot of talk in June 2016 that the C’s were missing the boat if they didn’t take Providence’s Kris Dunn. The thought was, even if the C’s didn’t need a point guard, Dunn was such a desirable commodity that he was the right pick at #3. The pick of Jaylen Brown led to a lot of negativity around town.

Now, it’s still too early to say for sure, but it seems as though the C’s have gotten the better of the deal. Dunn is already on his second team, has yet to establish himself, and Brown has become half of the best young budding superstar duo in the league.

Last night, though, we got even more evidence in the Celtics favor.

The aforementioned Mr Dunn makes a nice steal and heads off on a breakaway, throws down the hammer and then……

Doesn’t quite stick the landing…losing a couple of teeth in the process.


Now, here is a compilation video of Jaylen Brown dunks…several impressive dunks. ZERO Lost teeth.


Jaylen teeth


So, once again…Drafter Danny comes out on the right side of this one.


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