Donovan Mitchell Dunks Hard

There’s been a lot of talk about rookies this year. Boston obviously has a gem in Jayson Tatum. The Fultz Conundrum continues to baffle Philly while down in Dallas many claim Dennis Smith Jr. was the pick of the draft.

Meanwhile out west Donovan Mitchell continues to shine for the Utah Jazz. I’ve written about Mitchell before so this time around I’d like to focus on the most fun aspect of Mitchell’s game – his dunking.

Mitchell had two highlight reel slams last night in the Jazz win over the Kings (he also dropped 34 points):

The unique thing about Mitchell’s dunking is his power. You don’t see many guards who are power dunkers but Mitchell definitely is. He has the hops and the hang time too but unlike Dennis Smith Jr. who’s been the rookie most associated with Dunk Contest hype, Mitchell generates serious 💪💪 when he throws down.

Here’s a nice little compilation of Mitchell’s slams so far this year:

It’s no secret that the Dunk Contest has been in a free fall for about 10 years now and needs a serious revamp (Lil’ Dogg’s Guide to Fixing the Dunk Contest coming soon) but there’s no question there’s plenty of guys in the League right now who could put on a show of given the right opportunity. Mitchell is certainly at the tipiddy top of that list.


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