The Lil’ Dogg is O-V-E-R Fan Videos

The Minnesota Vikings released a video inter splicing their Minnesota Miracle win with Fan Video reactions:

The Lil’ Dogg loves a great story and with all that Viking fans have endured over the years this is certainly an uplifting tale and yes the video is pretty cool or whatever and I suppose it shows what’s best about sports.

But all this begs the question – What type of person makes a Fan Reaction Video? I’m legit curious because I have never once thought to myself, “Gee I’m going to not watch what’s actually happening in the game. Instead I’ll watch other people watching the game.”

The people filming have to be totally unbiased and uninterested in the game itself, i.e. not actual sports fans, right? Even if you weren’t a Vikings fan specifically you were still glued to the TV watching the ending of that game if you were any time of sports fan at all. Even casual football fans would be on the edge of their seats with everything taking place in those final minutes. I would never for a second think about taking out my phone and videoing other people’s reactions.

I guess I’m declaring myself over Fan Videos in general. They were novel and new and interesting a few years ago but now watching some blabbering knucklehead destroy his Man Cave cuz the Steelers lost is just not my idea of fun. I’d rather watch his reaction when the contractor tells him he did $5,000 worth of property damage to his own house. Now that’d be a video.


One comment

  1. They seemed to have white-washed these videos of any booze…which is weird. I didn’t think there were that many Mid-Westerners who’d be watching the game without pounding drinks


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