NBA Rewind – More IT Drama and “Gifs Gifs Gifs” (sing it like Motley Crue’s Girls Girls Girls)

In The Only League That Matters drama never sleeps so plenty to go over from last night.

IT/PP Drama

The Jersey Retirement/Video Tribute matter seems to be finally settled but of course there was some extra drama right to the bitter end:

And this from IT:

How about we all move on okay??? The Lil’ Dogg hereby promises to never mention this whole debacle ever again and you best believe a Lil’ Dogg promise is something you can take to the bank.

Moving on –

“Gifs Gifs Gifs”

If Dennis Smith Jr isn’t in the Dunk Contest then somebody needs to be fired:

The Joker got jokes:

The Celtics May have lost in OT to the ‘Cans but we have Tatum so we still win:

Aaron Affalo must like Fall Out Boy cuz sugar he’s going down swinging:

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