Hi-Topper Top 5 – TV Show Fictional Bands

The Lil’ Dogg loves loves LOVES when TV Shows bust out fictitious bands. They always have terrible names, the fake playing of instruments is always a good time and it usually involves way over the top interpretations of whatever musical genre was super popular at the time. It’s just a combination of all that makes for great terrible TV.

Now let’s set a few ground rules for this Top 5. First, like the title says this is TV Shows only. No movie bands so Stillwater -ineligible. The Commitments – ineligible. Second, TV Shows that are 100% about the band are ineligible so no Partridge Family, etc. Third, real bands pretending to be fictional bands are also ineligible if the ENTIRE BAND is involved. If it’s only 1 or 2 real musicians playing with actors then they can be considered.

Okay let’s do this – Top 5 TV Show Fictional Bands

5. The Electric Shoes

Kevin Arnold tunes in, turns on and drops out. Well for one episode anyway. I have to imagine the late 60s featured 1000s of amateur bands with “Electric” in their title.

4. Hep Alien

I’m a Dave Rygalski guy through and through, don’t get it twisted, but even I’ll admit Hep Alien didn’t really gel until Gil entered the scene. With the coolest girl in town on drums and the two uncoolest dudes on guitar and bass, Hep Alien was for sure the most rock Stars Hollow had ever seen.

3. Mystik Spiral

These dudes rock but they’re thinking of changing their name. Maybe.

2. Frozen Embryos

They like definitely have like a lead singer problem. Tino never shows when he says he will and Rayanne is like, just not like, dependable or whatever. But Jordan rocks and he’s got like really soft hair like in the back…okay I’ll show myself out now.

Bonus Catalano (It’s about his car. Not everything is about you Angela Chase!):

1. Crucifictorious

Well first you have quite possibly the greatest real or imagined band name of all-time. Then you mix in Landry himself who’s an All-Time TV character. So his band had to be #1. Crucifictorious evolved from Screamo Metal to a nice alt-rock thing with the addition of Devin on bass but it’s the man, the myth, the literal and lady killer Landry who’s the heart and soul of Crucifictorious.

That’s it. That’s the list. Facts is facts. Take your Jesse and the Rippers and your Zack Attack and go kick rocks cuz we only got time for real deal rockers up in this list.

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