Guess That Ear

Happy Tuesday Hi-Topper Nation! Your G.T.E. on this fine morning is no mere mortal man….

He’s a legend with a golden arm. He’s Patriots Nations Public Enemy #1 as we enter Conference Championship Week. He is…

Blake Bortles

Underestimate this guy at your own peril. First of all he’s the pride of your National Champion University of Central Florida Football Knights. Secondly he can handoff a football like nobody’s business and really that’s all you want out of your QB these days.

Pats Fans are on their high horse right now. The President of Patriots Nation (and Le Cap’s #1 guy) is already declaring victory:

He even has the Avatar involved so it must be a lock.

But if we’ve learned anything from this past weekend’s games, you’re never done till you’re done and you haven’t won till you’ve won. There’s a reason you play the games folks.

That being said – Patriots 45 Jags 3.

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