Pats’ are Always Lucky…and that’s ok.

Yet ANOTHER AFC Championship Game is coming up for New England this weekend. The run they are on is ridiculous. Since 2001, this is the teams’ 12th Conference Championship…TWELVE. In 18 seasons. The next most is Pittsburgh…with 4.

If they manage to win Sunday, they’ll appear in their 8th Superbowl in that same span.  And they will make the Superbowl too, because they aren’t just the best team…they are incredibly lucky that the Jags will be in the house. But luck is nothing new for this franchise.

“Lucky” (along with “cheaters”) has long been one of the rallying cries of frustrated fans of other sad sack teams, to knock the Patriots down a peg. It usually works. Pats yahoos typically fall victim and engage the trolls in an unwinnable arguments. They’ve also been known carry vendettas against news outlets because one of the analysts points out their team caught a break, or got a good call.

Why are we denying it, though? This team, over this run, has benefitted HUGELY by luck. It’s not a bad thing; we as fans should embrace it. From the Tuck Rule and the countless calls they’ve gotten, to the Seahawks’ and Falcons’ inexplicable meltdowns, to the fortunate ways the schedules and injuries to other teams have fallen throughout the years…they’ve almost always had luck on their side.

tuck rule

Luck and randomness are just part of sports. It’s why the best team doesn’t always win. It’s why they play the games, and it’s why we watch them. Luck Happens. They key is, you need to be able to capitalize on it.

The thing about luck is, they say you can make your own. In football that means, you need to win a shitload of games to be hosting a playoff game, in order to be lucky enough to play a Tomato Can in the AFC Championship.

You need to come back from a 25 point deficit in order to be lucky enough to let Kyle Shanahan hand the game over to you.

The Patriots have been able to put themselves in the right positions. They’ve earned the luck. Well…most of the time….


The other thing about luck and sports is…it’s all perception. Everyone remembers an extreme lucky break- good or bad. So obviously, the more times you’re in position to benefit from luck,the more lucky you seem. It’s confirmation bias at its best (worst).

For all we know, the Bengals or the Cardinals are the luckiest team of all time…but they just never make it into a position where it matters.

So fellow Pats fans, when someone is trying to shit on your team by saying how lucky they are, own it. Wear it with pride, and even through in a healthy dose of smugness. “Of course they are lucky…they deserve to be. Maybe someday _____ will be as lucky”

There is nothing better as a fan of a great team than acting better than fans of other teams…that’s what it’s all about. You better enjoy it now, because while luck clearly hasn’t run out on the Pats yet, eventually it will come to an end. 18 year dynasties just don’t happen.


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