Keith Jackson, Howard Cosell call the World Series

If you happen to have about 2 hours to kill sometime I highly highly HIGHLY recommend using that time to watch and listen to Game 6 of the 1977 World Series:

This is the game Reggie Jackson hits three homeruns and the Yankees defeat the Dodgers to win the World Series.

On the call for this absolute classic is none other than our dearly departed Keith Jackson and the one and only Howard Cosell.

The combo seems jarring at first, Keith’s easy drawl and Howard’s nasal whine but you are talking about two of the greatest broadcasters of all-time so of course they make it work.

The world is filled with shitty people being shitty at their jobs so to witness true artistry, true professionalism is really something to behold.

I have feeling Keith Jackson & Howard Cosell could make a turtle race seem like the most interesting competition on earth so when they are presenting a stone cold stunner of a baseball game it’s just a match for the ages.

RIP Keith Jackson – You were the Grandaddy of Them All when it came to the broadcast booth.


One comment

  1. Thanks for writing this! Beautiful article and yes, I feel like the Jackson-Cosell dynamic was magic. Both guys made you FEEL the significance of a sporting event. They did their homework and humanized the athletes. After Cosell, Jackson was the best boxing announcer in my opinion. Jackson announcing boxing was very underrated. R.I.P. to both men.


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