NBA Mystery Investigation – Bloody Hell, Does London have “Crooked” Rims?

Lil’ Dogg P.I. here on the scene in jolly ol’ England to investigate yet another NBA Mystery.

The Case

The Boston Celtics defeated the Philadelphia 76ers in London yesterday.

Today members of the Sixers are claiming that one of the rims was bent.

The Evidence

The main evidence uncovered so far is hearsay and “statistics”. Not exactly the stuff that generates real answers so the Lil’ Dogg must dig deeper. Let’s take a look at some video. Here’s Marcus Morris hitting a jumper on the rim in question:

Now some close-up photo evidence:

This pup has seen a lot of cases in my time investigating NBA Mysteries but I have to say this might be the toughest case yet. The photo evidence is the definition of inconclusive. The front of the rim appears to be at the same height/angle as the back of the rim but there does appear to be some warping. I’ll admit that the shooting percentages are suspect as both teams shot poorly on the “bent” rim and increased dramatically on the “non-bent” rim.

If the rim is indeed bent then the question becomes how did the rim get this way?


I’ve combed through all available tape and there can only be one suspect.

He’s known to rock rims with thunderous slams. He’s German so you now he’s not adverse to destroying London. He likes to conceal his identity and go by an alias – Mr. Nice Guy.

Your prime suspect is Daniel “Mr. Nice Guy” Theis.

And the Lil’ Dogg has uncovered the precise moment when the crime was committed by an Earth shattering, rim bending super slam:

There you have it Hi-Topper Nation. Another NBA Mystery solved by yours truly Lil’ Dogg P.I.

Verdict – Daniel “Mr. Nice Guy” Theis is found GUILTY AS CHARGED in the case of the “London Rims are Falling Down, Falling Down”


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