Lil’ Dogg’s Classic Jam for Your Weekend

I miss music.

There’s a lot to love and a lot to hate about the times we are currently living in and certainly on the top of my Hate List is the death of the music industry. Radio sucks. The MTV tale has been written to death so I won’t go there. New Rock Music doesn’t exist and new Rap is most certainly not aimed at old dudes. If country is your jam then I guess you can still find new tunes but otherwise when I want to rock out I must turn to the Classics.

Introducing Lil’ Dogg’s Classic Jam for the Weekend. A song you probably haven’t heard in years that will hopefully brighten up your weekend and bring a smile to your face. So let’s kick this off with an old school party starter. I’ve had this duo on my mind since yesterday’s Awesome 80s post. A pop rap classic. So enjoy your weekend, go Pats and just try not to nod your head to this banger:

Kid N Play – Rollin’ With Kid N Play


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