EXCLUSIVE: Jimmy G will take over for TB12

On the eve of 40-year old MVP frontrunner Tom Brady embarking on the run for his sixth ring, we have some news on who may eventually replace him.

Now, let me break it down for you like this…I know people. I know people all over. I’ve got sources, and then I’ve got sources on those sources. One West Coast source of mine, who has New England ties, gave me a MONSTER of a lead on the whole Jimmy G thing.

As has been reported, the Patriots tried to sign Jimmy to a deal to back-up and then transition to the starting role…offers that Garoppolo declined “out of hand”. He wanted to start.


According to my source, shortly after the last refusal, Kraft, Belichick and Garoppolo worked on the trade together. San Francisco was Jimmy’s preferred landing spot, per my source. So, why does NE care about what Jimmy prefers??? They get the right of first refusal to sign Jimmy in the spring of 2020.

My source is confident that part of this deal was to agree that he would NOT sign a long term extension with the 49ers. He will play on franchise tags for 2 seasons, and then enter free agency- where, according to plan, New England can sign him back.

He will use the two years to prove himself as a viable starter, developing on the 49’ers dime, and then have the opportunity to come back and replace Brady on a much better time line.

If you’re wondering if this is illegal…it must be. We were unable to obtain comment from anyone at NFL headquarters. But my question is…who is going to complain? John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan are in on the plan…which explains only giving up the 2nd rounder. They get to protect their jobs and build up their program- two unproven guys in their roles-  with a guy they think can play, in Jimmy.  They will draft a QB this year to develop behind Jimmy, and if they lose him, will transition to the new guy.

That’s it. That’s the plan…it answers every possible question you could have about this entire scenario, from October until now.

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