Celtics go to London and Steal Philly’s Soul

The Philadelphia 76ers led the Boston Celtics 49-27 with 6:56 to go in the Second Quarter of yesterday’s matchup in London Town, England. By the 5:42 mark of the Fourth the Celtics were winning 105-88. That’s a 39 point swing for all you math geniuses out there.

How did this happen? Well obviously the Boston Celtics are Basketball Death Dealers traveling the globe stealing the souls of NBA teams.

Philly started the game H-O-T and went to scorching in the Second Quarter. Meanwhile the Celtics were implementing their long con, giving the Sixers all the self confidence they could handle before rudely snatching the rug out from under them in the Second Half.

JJ Redick led Philly in scoring with 22 points. He made 1 Field Goal in the ENTIRE Second Half.

Is it good that the Celtics seemingly do this every game? No. Is it amazing to watch them flip the proverbial switch and see opponents go ice cold like they’re battling Mr. Freeze? Yes quite honestly it is a lot of fun.

The Celtics are Second Half Grim Reapers. The defensive stats bare it out, trust me I won’t bore you with the numbers but I will drop this gem. When Boston is behind by 16-20 points Opponent FG% drops to 29.8% and the Celtics record is 6-4.


That stat is insane and they actual increase their winning percentage and record to 8-5 when you factor in deficits of +20.

It makes no sense and defies all logic except when you consider the make up the guys on this team. When they get down in points they don’t get down in spirit. They rally together and dig deeper and play harder.

Overcoming adversity has been the hallmark of this team since the first minutes of the first game when Gordon Hayward went down. How did the team respond in the games going forward? Did they pack it in, give up, say the season was a wash. No. They went on a crazy winning streak.

This team plays for each other. They have an unstoppable heart and they never quit.

And they will steal the soul of your favorite team even if they have to cross international waters to do it.


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