Slap Fight – Rodney Hood v Dame Lillard

Interesting things happen every night in the NBA. Sometimes these things are basketball related like amazing dunks or miraculous shots. Other times people slap things. Last night was a Slap Fight night.

First up, Portland’s Dame Lillard:

Lillard was unhappy with CP3 scoring a late end of game layup while the Rockets already had the game won:

Next we have Rodney Hood:

Hood was upset after getting ejected during Utah’s match up with Washington.

So who won this NBA Slap Fight?

Hood’s slap game is strong. Just take a look at his technique – smooth arm swing, steady hand, with perfect palm placement. Hood lands a solid slap right in the phone’s mid section, knocking the device to the floor. First round KO for Hood. The phone never had a chance.

Lillard, on the other hand (see what I did there), offers up a weak, half hearted swipe at the ball. There’s no passion. He’s just going through the motions. His technique is sloppy. Lillard completely misses the contact zone. CP3 barely even flinches. He certainly never loses control of the ball. It’s a slap and a miss for Dame.

Slap Fight Winner – Rodney Hood


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