Pro Stars- Remaking the ’80’s in 2018


I love Lil’ Dogg’s 80’s Nostalgia posts, and the one today especially resonated with me. If you haven’t read today’s post, it’s here, pitting Saturday Morning Cartoons vs MadBalls.

First off, I loved MadBalls; they were…the balls. But another tidbit in the piece reminded of a topic I’ve debated over many a cocktail over the years:

“Could they remake Pro Stars today? And if they could, who would the stars be?”

If you’re not familiar with Pro Stars….here you go:


The cartoon itself was pretty ridiculous in its premise, These pro athletes moonlight as superheroes? First off, they played in 3 (4, really) different cities…where are they based out of? I would also imagine that once they found out, their teams would insist on special clauses in their contracts and it would cause a myriad of legal issues….but, I digress.

The main point is, they found three MEGASTARS, who were marketable, recognizable, likeable and virtually squeaky clean…and were all willing to make a kids’ cartoon. Ignoring whether or not a cartoon is a viable television product- who could they get to do the Pro Stars 2018?

Before I unveil my choices let me run through some who don’t make the cut: 

Calvin Johnson-  When I first started having this debate, Megatron was my dark horse pick…then the guy retired. Beast on the field, great rep, but can’t have a retired guy.

Tom Brady- Clean cut, MEGA-star, best ever in his sport…but he’s become wayyy too un-relatable. I can just imagine the Halloween episode when the other guys are battling the villian trying to brainwash kids through Halloween-themed youtube videos, TB12 would spend the whole time making sure kids were only eating candy with organic cacao nibs, and all natural additives.

Mike Trout- Best baseball player on the planet, and for my money already a top 10 of all time. Never heard a bad thing about the guy either. But for a guy that incredible…he gets like ZERO buzz. Can’t build a cartoon franchise around him.

Other solid maybes:   Bryce Harper– a little too brash and controversial   Hockey Players- no transcendent stars   Russell Wilson- good choice, but when you dig down, he’s a little out there   Soccer Players- Save that for the Euro-TV version.   Tiger- There was a time he would’ve been perfect…



With that, I reveal my choices for the Pro Stars 2.0:

Lebron-  Absolute, slam dunk, no brainer. He can be insufferable, and is way into himself, but he checks all the boxes we need for this project. Stud, great rep, loves doing stuff for kids….this was simple.

JJ Watt- Now look…I rip on JJ Watt constantly. He’s the world’s biggest hardo. But the dude is a stud on the field, raises 8 figures for Hurricane Vics, and he literally LOOKS like a superhero. He’s in.

Aaron Judge-  This is a dark horse choice, I know. But home runs are sexy to everyone. He plays in NYC, and if baseball is smart, they’re going to be marketing the shit out of this guy…we’re going to ride that wave. Plus he’s the youngster of the group, which will lend itself to plenty of zany plot twists.

There you have it. My Pro Stars 2.0 team.




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