“The Jester” Manfred Needs to Fan the Hot Stove

The Hot Stove hasn’t even been lukewarm this season. The Stanton deal, Steven Wright allegedly throwing different kind of knuckles, and yahoos thinking JBJ is Lou Brock…that’s about it.

It would seem as though ESPN and social media agree, as over the past couple of days the biggest story going around is about the death of a dog, who apparently fetched bats for a minor league team. Seriously…it’s still the #2 headline this morning, and the story has been up for TWO DAYS.


BTW, JT, you’re welcome for the free ad.

So, what’s the deal with this story? Well, a few years ago they trained a dog to fetch bats…not groundbreaking stuff. Then the dog died from cancer and the dog’s son took over. Now, the younger dog died. Dogs die. It happens.

Now, I’m not above ripping the shit out of ESPN, but I can’t blame them in this case. There isn’t anything going on…so I get doing the human (er, canine) interest story. I’m even going to choose to gloss over the fact there is an embedded FOURTEEN minute feature story done in 2015 on this dog, narrated by a guy pretending to be THE VOICE OF THE DOG!!! Seriously. (link is below, but don’t bother watching more than 30 secs) 


That’s how disappointed I am in Hot stove season.

I am generally against manufactured drama, and that’s not what I’m looking for with MLB, but this drawn out stare-down between agents and teams, it’s just not good.

This is on Rob “The Jester” Manfred to figure it out. While I don’t want to see an artificial “signing window”, maybe there could be some incentives. Earlier signings favorably impact compensatory picks, luxury tax, bonus pools….I don’t know, something. Not my job, it’s this guy’s…

Manfred Jester

Do I think he’ll figure this one out? Hell to the no. He’s already working on pitch clock…this guy can’t walk and chew gum at the same time. But he needs to do something to draw interest. If he can’t make Hot Stove season work, maybe he can tour minor league ballparks and fetch bats.



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