Hot Take Alert – Trae Young is Fultz 2.0

With the College Football Playoffs over (congrats to National Champs UCF) fans of amateur athletics are finally turning their attention to the NCAA Basketball world. And the story thus far this season has been Oklahoma’s Freshman sensation Trae Young.

Young is averaging 29 points a game for the Sooners and has dropped 43 and 39 and had a much talked about game with 26 points and 22 assists (albeit against Northwestern St.)

There’s idle talk (by the good folks at The Ringer) of Young being the #1 overall pick and a Steph Curry level franchise player. The Curry comparisons start and stop with Young’s penchant for long 3’s:

But there’s nothing beyond distance that ties together Young and Curry in this hoop bloggers opinion.

Take a look at Young’s release:

Now look at Chef Steph:

Obviously Curry has years on Young and players can improve by leaps and bounds and there’s nothing inherently wrong about Young’s form as opposed to say Fultz or Ball but there’s something about the way Young brings the ball up from his hip on his shot that seems to take forever. Curry has the quickest release in the history of basketball so it’s a tough comparison but when you have media types throwing Young and Curry together in the same sentence along with #1 pick and franchise cornerstone well then no scrutiny is too small.

Trae Young is listed at 6’2″ and 181 lbs. if he’s 6’2″ then I’m Manute Bol (sadly I’m not). Young is mayyyyyyybe 6 feet but he looks like he’s 5’10”. Curry gets listed at 6’3″ and he looks it. He doesn’t look excessively short in games. Trae Young does. Is height the end all be all? No of course not. But when you look at successful short NBA guys they mostly all have some heft to them. They’re solid guys. Nate Robinson was a bull. Jameer Nelson was a bowling ball. Isaiah Thomas is built like a mini-Mack Truck. Trae Young is thin and slim and his frame is not going to put on pounds. He may fill out a bit but he’s never going to be a full bodied muscle guy.

Which brings me to Markelle Fultz. If there’s anyone I see when I watch Trae Young it’s last year’s Freshman sensation Markelle Fultz. Small, thin Point Guards putting up big numbers.

Obviously there’s some extenuating circumstances when it comes to Fultz’s NBA career so far. The Fultz Conundrum is a complex, intricate web of BS involving a jacked up shooting form, maybe fake maybe not shoulder problems and the Sixers propensity for Red-shirting their rookies. So calling it a day on Fultz already is tad bit unfair. Maybe Fultz turns it all around and becomes a star. Maybe. But even before all the General Hospital level drama I had my (very big) doubts on Fultz’s potential. And I see in Young what I saw in Fultz. A tiny guy who loves to dominate the ball. Young routinely puts up 20+ shot attempts. His assist numbers look good on paper but it’s because he always has the ball. I just don’t see Young being able to either 1) get away with playing this way in the NBA or 2) adjust his game to fit in to a ball movement scheme.

This is just one bloggers opinion but I’m also the best basketball blogger on the planet and I’ve never been wrong about anything. Go back and read all my articles, heck read them twice, leave comments, tweet them out to all your followers share them on Facebook- go ahead I’ll wait.

And when Trae Young bombs out of the NBA you can say you knew all along it would go this way cuz the Lil’ Dogg told you first.

Don’t thank me. It’s just what I do. Ok you can thank me.

Your welcome.



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