Live From London – A Celtics Report

‘ello ‘ello ‘ello it’s the Lil’ Dogg reporting live from London Town. I just finished off me tea and crumpets – “To the Queen” – and was able to sneak in to the Celtics practice. Looks like the boys are in jolly good spirits:

The Celtics have hopped the pond to face the Philadelphia 76ers here in London on Thursday. The two cities that led the charge of independence from British rule 242 years ago return as conquering heroes ready to showcase the most purely American of all sports (lest you forgot both baseball (rounders) and football (the bastard hybrid of soccer and rugby) started in England).

Both teams appear to be happy with their participation in this curiosity show unlike their NFL counterparts who approach each London game with the type of excitement most often shown for a rectal exam.

The Sixers are off jamming it up with footy legends like Thierry Henry (basically the Michael Jordan of English soccer):

Meanwhile the Celtics are busting out their best cockney accents:

Should be an exciting matchup here on Thursday but in the meantime this pup is off to see Big Ben and Parliament. I hope it’s better than Piccadilly Circus – not one acrobat, no lions or elephants to be seen, they didn’t even have a Big Top – worst circus ever.

Cheerio mates cheerio.


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