Weekend Winner

It’s January 8, 2018 and if you are a fan of bad tackling, terrible play calling, awful decisions by coaches and even worse execution by players well congratulations because our Weekend Winner is….

God Awful Football

Did you give a half-assed effort in your playoff game? If you did then your name must be Darrelle Revis.

Did you go for it on 4th Down instead of punting and get bailed out by the worst 2-minute Offense ever seen? You must be Sean Payton. Time to celebrate like you actual deserved to win.

Did you win a playoff game yet still became an internet joke and posted the worst QB stats of all-time? Welcome to Hi-Top Blake Bortles, glad to have ya.

Here’s to hoping tonight’s CFB “Championship” game is better than the pile of dog doo doo that passed for the NFL Playoffs this past weekend.

Oh wait I forgot I’m boycotting. The UCF Knights are my Champions.


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