Get Off My Balls

Hi-Top HQ is a one for all, all for one operation being built #shinglebyshingle and thankfully our fearless Regular Guy in Charge Le Cap is more than able to pick up the slack when one of his soldiers gets caught sleeping at his post.

The Lil’ Dogg messed up. This pup owns that. I’m on the Ball beat and when your beating your Balls it’s a 24/7 job that runs on Lithuanian Standard Time.

Now I can appreciate Le Cap’s take. He’s a no nonsense Regular Guy. That’s why he’s the Capitaine of this Buccaneer Vessel. But the Lil’ Dogg is Balls deep into the whole Big Baller World so I feel I still need to comment on the current situation.

I’d like to present Coach Walton’s initial response from the last post game presser (that’s media speak for press conference FYI):

Now obviously this was a joke. But a coach can only get away with a crack like this when he really truly knows and trusts his player – in this case Lavar’s oldest Ball. So if anything Lavar’s comments and Walton’s response have brought Coach and player even closer.

Lavar is actually working to improve team relations here not harm them. This is motivation 101 folks. Create a common enemy. Lavar is sacrificing himself for both his oldest Ball and the entire Lakers organization. He should be thanked not insulted and dragged through the mud. Truthfully Lavar deserves credit for any and all Laker wins going forward. Just make sure to remember to send your thanks via Lithuania.

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