Covering our Balls: Latest on LaVar

I’m sure the Dogg will have something on this, as he we know he covers the Balls like he’s a futbol team defending a free kick*, but I wanted to take a brief moment to mention the latest Lavar Ball thing.

As Capitaine, I’m allowed to infringe on the Dogg’s territory, even when it’s well-marked…alright, these several metaphors are getting played…let’s get down to it.

*all kinds of Lil’ Dogg tie-in’s there

covering balls

Lavar Ball had some more dumb shit to say the other day. Luke Walton lost the locker room, the Lakers don’t have respect for him, blah, blah, blah. This is the guy that has run AAU and HS coaches out of jobs- even after said coaches bent over backwards to showcase his little Balls. Lavar is the quintessential asshole parent we’ve all run into through youth sports. Now, just as was always feared, he’s taking his act to the Staples Center.

Now, admittedly, I don’t know much about Luke Walton, aside from him being Bill Walton’s kid, he played for the Lakers, and he’s fallen ass-backwards into some plum coaching gigs. When he played he got a ton of credit for being gritty, smart, and a good passer- all code for “not very good white guy”. As a coach, who knows…jury is still out. All in all, he screams “Not a Le Cap guy”, but he still really shouldn’t have to listen to this moron.

lavar and walton

What this basically breaks down to is, it’s just a battle of two signature members of The Lucky Sperm Club. Walton being the lucky product of being born to an All-Time great, and Ball being the provider of some genes that led to 3 kids who have all greatly surpassed him athletically- like a reverse lucky sperm.

I have no use for you, if you’re not a #shinglebyshingle , #bootstraps kind of guy. And these guys are not that.

I give my allegiance to Walton on this one, but for what it’s worth I can’t stand either one of them. There are no winners here.


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